OPSWAT Support Charts for GlobalProtect 4.0.x

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GlobalProtect agent collects vendor-specific data about the end-user security packages that are running on the computer (as compiled by the OPSWAT global partnership program) and reports this data to the GlobalProtect gateway for use in policy enforcement. Following are the third-party vendor products that GlobalProtect can detect using the specified OPSWAT SDK.


The attached pdf documents pertain to GlobalProtect version 4.0.x.


Note: The OPSWAT chart for GlobalProtect 4.0.0 is the same as for GlobalProtect 3.1.6.


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Thank you - Useful information!

Can we have OPSWAT Support Charts for GlobalProtect 4.1.X too? Pretty Please?

Hi @jjason

There you go :)

Thank you for the OPSWAT 4.1 charts. Used them today with InfoSec.

Request: Can we please get an update for the version of the OPSWAT Library being used in GlobalProtect 4.1.4?