OSPF not announcing a Default Route

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There is an OSPF virtual router configuration with two interfaces. One interface (int1) is part of the default area ( whereas the other one (int2) is not. There is a static default which points to the next hop on the non-OSPF interface network.

Want to announce or generate a default route into the OSPF area and have clicked the "Allow Redist Default Route" button. However, the default does NOT get announced to the OSPF cloud.


To advertise the default route:

  • Go to the Virtual Routers section of the GUI.
  • Click on the VR in question.
  • Click on the tab for OSPF.
  • In the middle of the window is a box entitled Export Rules.
  • Add the route to this section and specify (Ext-2, Ext-1 or None) as the route type.

Anything more detailed will require a redistribution profile.

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Yes, this doc was somewhat helpful. But it would be good if you were to mention os code as well a screen capture. In the os code 7.0.6, we have an option to tick 'allow redistribute default route' on the OSPF option.