Software Download Error: 'Failed to download due to server error. Failed to download file'

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Sometimes when PAN-OS 7.0 or above is downloaded on a Palo Alto Networks firewall, the download may fail and display the following error:

"Failed to download due to server error. Please try again later. Failed to download file".



Use the following CLI command to review the ms.log:

> less mp-log ms.log


Look for a similar error message:

"2014-07-18 16:20:15.701 -0600 Error:
_pan_mgmtop_system_upgrade_download_version(pan_ops_common.c:9107): Failed to purge old
uploaded files
grep: /tmp/pan/downloadprogress.10999: No such file or directory"


The following is the output for the CLI command,

> less mp-log ms.log




To resolve, follow the steps below:

  1. In the WebGUI, go to the Device > Software
  2. To check for the latest software version, Click 'Check Now' in the lower left corner.

  3. Go to the software version to download and click Download:

In log I got these lines:

2015-06-30 16:13:27.464 +0200 updater error code:-8

2015-06-30 16:13:27.465 +0200 Error:  pan_jobmgr_downloader_thread(pan_job_mgr.c:744): DOWNLOAD job failed

The solution in this KB doc helped me as well

Why is this not just automated when you check the software page? I don't feel like this is something I should have to search for when I was only one revision behind.

Same error with 7.0 Version... your tips work !