Software Release Notices: PAN-OS 7.1.x

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Version Release Date
7.1.1 31-Jul-18
7.1.18 12-Jun-18
7.1.17 24-Apr-18
7.1.16 8-Mar-18
7.1.15 17-Jan-18
7.1.14 27-Nov-17
7.1.13 12-Oct-17
7.1.12 30-Aug-17
7.1.11 6-Jul-17
7.1.10 22-May-17
7.1.9 10-Apr-17
7.1.8 20-Feb-17
7.1.7 3-Jan-17
7.1.6 17-Nov-16
7.1.5 3-Oct-16
7.1.4-h2 22-Aug-16
7.1.4 15-Aug-16
7.1.3 29-Jun-16
7.1.2 16-May-16
7.1.1 18-Apr-16
7.1.0 4-Apr-16



 Gotta say, I am *NOT* a fan of the new look. 

Any reason 7.1.1 is not available to the WF-500?

7.1.2 is available for the PA-Series firewalls, Panorama, and WF-500.

Does anyone know which version is more stable for PA-3000 line?

@Frederico I believe you will find PAN-OS 7.1.10 to be a very stable release!

Unless you need new features of PAN-OS 8.0, I would stay on the 7.1 train, until at least a few more 8.0 releases come out.


Has anyone deploid 7.1.11 in their production environment? Any issues?

We've upgraded Panorama and one HA pair of PA-200s from 7.1.10 to 7.1.11, and no issues so far.

Smooth waters here with (2) PA-500's in HA with 7.1.11 so far.

I am observing issues with QoS (high drop-pak in show qos interface <interface> counter) on PA-3020 and PA-VM. Currently collecting data to open the support ticket.

Tread lightly.