Software Release Notices: PAN-OS 8.0.x

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Version Release Date
8.0.12 10-Aug-18
8.0.11 27-Jun-18
8.0.10 15-May-18
8.0.9 4-Mar-18
8.0.8 12-Feb-18
8.0.7 28-Dec-17
8.0.6 14-Nov-17
8.0.5 21-Sep-17
8.0.4 27-Jul-17
8.0.3 19-Jun-17
8.0.2 1-May-17
8.0.1 15-Mar-17
 8.0.0  7-Feb-17

is 8.0 stable now ?

It's stable enough for prod. We use it at a number of sites on different hardware and virtual platforms.