What is the Maximum Number of PAN-OS Images Supported in Panorama?

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PAN-OS 6.0 and later

Panorama can hold up to a maximum of 64 images. To configure the number of images from the CLI, using the following command:

> set max-num-images count x ( x can be any number between 2 to 64)


Prior to PAN-OS 6.0:

The Software Deployment tab in Panorama does not hold more than 5 downloaded images.

The Software Deployment tab will not hold more than a maximum of 5 downloaded images at any point. As soon as the 6th image is downloaded, the oldest image will be deleted automatically. As shown in the screenshot below.



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What is the reason for this completely arbitrary limit? This an extremely frustrating limit when working with Panorama.

with 6.0 release panorama now supports up to a max of 64 images. please check the documentation for details