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document imported form the MT 2.0 but still useful for MT3.0

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Thank-you very much.  Couldn't figure out why my rules weren't coming into the migration tool.

What is the format for the routes.txt file?

Output from a netstat -nr will work

Where is the document content here?

Where is the file?

 Same here, looking for the file.....

I see the attachment now. Thanks for posting it!

I've got a Checkpoint R76 system that I'm trying to use the migration tool 3.3.15, I have tried every possible file combination available used the check boxes, not used the check boxes, etc. I get everything BUT the security Policies. Per the file differences doc, if older than 75.40 you use objects.C and rules.C but, the modified dates on the objects_5_.C and ruelbases_5_0.fws are the most recent.  rules.c looks to be the format shown in the document, objects.C doesn't look like any of the example shown.


Bottom line for R76 waht is the exact list of files I need?

Objects = object.C or objects_5_0.C

PolicyName = Standard.W or rulebases_5_0.fws that has been stripped down

RuleBases = rulebases_5_0.fws or rules.c

routes - routes.txt (that works fine)


Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


Fixed my own issue.

After many different trials, this is what worked for me:


Objects = objects.C

Policy = PolicyName.W     - Created by stripping down rulebases_5_0.fws per document

rulebases = blank do not put anything here

Routes = routes.txt             - file created by netstat -rn


Checked Option A: box


While it still didn't pull over subinterfaces it actually pulled over security Policies and that is most ofthe battle


Now, if only the next version comes out soon so it has the 8.x featurs as well, that would be wonderful.

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