Importing the MT3 into ESXi5.5

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The process is pretty straight forward but makes sense to write it here in one Doc.

What we have to do is

  1. copy our "PanMigrationTool3i.tgz" into our ESXi Server.
  2. Uncompress the File doing this "tar xvzf  PanMigrationTool3i.tgz".
  3. Enter in the folder "PAN_MigrationTool_minimal.vmwarevm".

We have to convert our vmdk files in a single one. We have many files called "Virtual Disk-s001.vmdk, Virtual Disk-s002.vmdk, etc..."

If we have ESXi5.5 we need to load first a module to allow us to work with this kind of files. Execute from the cli:

  • vmkload_mod multiextent

Now we can merge all the files into a new one:

  • vmkfstools -i "Virtual Disk.vmdk" -d thin newesx.vmdk

When the process finishes we can create a new Virtual Machine as CENTOS 64 bits and use the existing DISK newesx.vmdk. Assign all the RAM and VCPUs you need and start the VM.

Hope this helps.

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Maybe running vmkfstools/vmware-vdiskmanager on source disk image and repackage (F)MT will solve this for good.

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