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The new version of the Migration Tool 3.2 is in Beta right now. There are some features not added to it yet but we need your help in order to test major features like Cisco NATS for version prior than 8.3, we added support for Global, Static and Nat statements even based on access-lists but we need your feedback to see if everything works correctly or we need to modify the algorythms before we release the public version on Nov 1st 2015.


To upgrade to 3.2:

Click on Upgrade to get latest 3.1.6

Download the file from this post

Unzip the file in your desktop

Import to your Migration Tool from the Updates and then import Bundle (offline) from the bottom right side.

Reboot your VM


Please post everyting under this threat to keep it ordered and we will review it all the time.


Thanks in advance and sorry if something doesn't work as expected but there is why we are releasing 10 days before the official date :-)


Release Notes:

[MT-124] - Added Merge for Applications, Filters and Groups.
[MT-138] - CISCO. Reading Services with ranges
[MT-142] - SRX. Description fields contains single quotes. Remove them.
[MT-145] - Update Risk in applications filters when select some fields.
[MT-151] - Replace Members, If the member was a group was not working


[MT-78] - App-ID Added Filters and Groups. can be created and modified.
[MT-106] - Security Profiles: Check changes in 7.0
[MT-108] - Log Forwarding & Schedules: Check changes in 7.0
[MT-109] - Server Profiles: Check changes in 7.0
[MT-126] - CISCO. Add NAT pre 8.2
[MT-148] - Edit VR. Interface combo change from name to unitname


Improvement / New Feature
[MT-71] - App-ID Custom Enable Add/Edit
[MT-40] - App-ID Adoption Process: Log Connectors: Support multiple Firewalls
[MT-62] - Screenos. Add support routes static with Interface as a Gateway
[MT-115] - Added Prefix/Suffix/Replace to objects/Replace Members
[MT-117] - Improve remove unused objects or merge
[MT-139] - Add Policy Filters: Invalid and Disabled rules
[MT-141] - Add members group with selection address/service in grid
[MT-146] - Add Information and check selection Tools. Change Replace by Members
[MT-147] - Add members group with selection Applications in grid

Dashboard panels ca be clicked to see the invalid objects.






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