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Hi everyone !!


We just relesed the new Beta version of the Migration Tool 3.2 !!!


We need your help to test the new features and get your feedback before we release the official version next November 1st 2015.


If you are interested to download this Beta version please follow the instructions:


  1. Upgrade your MT to 3.1.6
  2. Download the file from this post
  3. Unzip the File in your Desktop
  4. From the MT3.1.6 use the offline update method to load the bundle
  5. After the browser restarts Reboot your VM


This are the biggests Changes in this version:


[MT-124] - Change the merge in ApplicationsGroups, Filters with 2+Shared
[MT-138] - CISCO. Reading Services with ranges
[MT-142] - SRX. Description fields contains single quotes.
[MT-145] - Not Updated Risk in applications filters
[MT-151] - Replace Members, remove group or shared_address error


[MT-78] - App-ID Add Filters and Groups
[MT-106] - Security Profiles: Check changes in 7.0
[MT-108] - Log Forwarding & Schedules: Check changes in 7.0
[MT-109] - Server Profiles: Check changes in 7.0
[MT-126] - CISCO. Added NAT support for version pre 8.3
[MT-148] - Edit VR. Interface combo change from name to unitname


Improvement / New Feature
[MT-71] - App-ID Custom Enable Add/Edit
[MT-131] - Output: generation code output/output-api.php from new applications-groups/filters
[MT-36] - Snapshots: Assign a Name
[MT-40] - App-ID Adoption Process: Log Connectors: Support multiple Firewalls
[MT-62] - Screenos. Add support routes static with Interface as a Gateway
[MT-115] - Added Prefix/Suffix/Replace to objects/Replace Members
[MT-117] - Improve remove unused objects or merge
[MT-127] - Applications Signatures in Clone and Merge
[MT-139] - Add Policy Filters: Invalid and Disabled rules
[MT-141] - Add members group with selection address/service in grid
[MT-146] - Add Information and check selection Tools. Change Replace by Members
[MT-147] - Add members group with selection Applications in grid


Please post under this threat all the bugs or werid behaviors you find. thanks !


Updated file on Oct 23rd 2015



Running "update" on 3.2ß reverts it to 3.1.6. Is that intentional?


Regards, J.

Indeed :-) If you upgrade using the Update button it will retrieve the oficial release 3.1.6. As soon as we release 3.2 next Friday the button will update to latest 3.2 overriding the bundle you actualy used to upgrade to beta 3.2



<edit again: it happens when you try to name a project with number> 

<edit: was present in 3.1.6 as well>

When i create a new project and import a source i get the following error:

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 3.49.30 PM.png



The project name should be an string and not only a number. You must know we are creating a Database with that name. Our internal DB is Mariadb and here are another reserved words to avoid to use as a Database/Project name :-)


Sorry if this is not the appropriate place to post this. Was looking for the 3.2.4 upgrade bundle as that was the last reported release? Also noted in the verion I have running 3.2, the proxy settings don't work. Attempt to put them in do not save, so manual bundle install appears to be the only option rill this is fixed..

Latest version is 3.2.7 and proxy settings should work if doesnt send us an email to and we can arrange a GotoMeeting session to review your VM if you want

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