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Here you will find our library of videos describing all of the aspects of the Migration Tool 3.0

For Support: Note that the Migration Tool is not supported by Palo Alto Networks TAC. This tool is supported through the Palo Alto Networks Community. Refer to the Migration Tool discussion forum where you can look for information and ask questions.


Video Link : 1684

A brief overview of the tool and its components


Video Link : 1685

Learn about Objects, Object Groups management, clean up unused objects, optimize duplicated objects and work with security Profiles


Video Link : 1686

A introduction to the new Policy Manager interface and its features, including Security, NAT and App Override Policies


Video Link : 1688

A brief overview of the network elements and how to edit/manage them form a candidate configuration in Migration Tool 3


Video Link : 1689

How to configure and edit Virtual Systems and edit response pages from PAN-OS imported devices


Video Link : 1690

How to merge a candidate config into a final XML or Set commands file for later import into a PAN-OS device


Video Link : 1691

How to merge a candidate config directly into a connected PAN-OS device via API Calls (Atomic & Subatomic)

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 Hello Panagent,


Is there a place to down load the videos so I can play them locally the are locking up when I try to view them.


But I think this is a great tool.

 Excellent videos, truly helped better understand the Mig Tool.

How do I get the generated xml file out of the MT and onto my local machine?  If I try to click the xml file from the downloads dialog box it just pops up in another browser window.  I've tried copying the page and saving it, but it won't allow me to save it.  Thoughts?


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