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Release Day for Migration Tool 3.1: 31st July 2015

How to Install:

From the Migration Tool click on Updates and then click on Update to retrieve latest version from the Update Server.

After the web browser restarts you will be prompted to use authentication after the Acceptance of the disclaimer. Use username "admin" and password "paloalto"

From the main Panel click on "Restart" to apply Operating Systems changes.

If you were upgrading from version prior 3.0.6 after reboot the VM click again in Updates and restart again the VM.

New Features:

  • Enhancements in the App-ID adoption features
  • New User-ID Adoption features
  • Schedule Tasks. Schedule the report generation via API for the App-ID and User-ID adoption
  • Universal CSV Import. Import CSV files to your current projects.
  • New PDF Reports for User-ID and App-ID Adoption functionalities.
  • Web Authentication.
  • Settings. Manage Cron Jobs, Date and Time and Web users.
  • Debug API calls. https://<migrationtool>/debug/api.php (except the api keys)
  • Add users from your Firewalls to be used in the User-ID adoption or to add your users to the Policies.

What are the disk space requirements to use this for App-ID adoption?  We have an existing Panorama VM that we send all logs to.

Thank you.


We just collect the XML reports generated using the API we dont need to download the logs so the hard disk already created and sized. Regards





am I able to establish a management IP address manually?

Yes you can. use "sudo nmtui" and setup the ip address. Regards

Does MT3.1 support updates via HTTP proxy?


My Seetings:

Hostname: <my proxy ip>


Username: <empty>

Password: <empty>

Protocol: http


After I hit "Save" I see in my proxy's log the following HTTP GET from the MT3.1:


"GET http://conversionupdates.paloaltonetworks.com:443conversionupdates.paloaltonetworks.com HTTP/1.1"


Is this URI correct? At leats it missed "/" between the authority and the path.

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