MigrationTool 3.2 Info and Guide (Updated Nov 27th 2015)

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version 3.2 has been released !!


Upgrade Procedure:


Click Upgrade from your web gui. After the browser restarts reboot your VM.


Offline Upgrade: Download and unzip the file mt3-32.bundle.zip and upload to your migration tool by using the import bundle option.


The new features are explained with example in the attached document.


Updated on Nove 11th 2015

Version 3.2.1

Fix for Fortinet to support multilines configs. That means when fortinet reachs a limit on line lenght it splits the config line with ! and the continue the config in the new line. This was breaking our parsers. Now its supported.


Updated on Nov 23th 2015

Version 3.2.3



Updated on Nov 25th 2015

Version 3.2.4


      AddressGroups. only shown 50. Fixed to show all the groups

      Convert ServiceGroups to Shared. The members were removed. Fixed.


Updated on 27th Nov 2015

 Version 3.2.4


     Added fix for calculating group members for Application Groups

    Added support to read subinterfaces in Checkpoint routes file. We are capturing the vlanid correctly from the netstat -nr output.




Thank you for getting this to us. This has enabled our work efficiency further more and has saved a lot of time. Kudos to you. 

I upgraded the FWMT 3.1 to 3.2 via the Web UI.  The GUI reflected the version as 3.2.  I rebooted from the CLI, and the CLI banner still shows the version as 3.1.  Verified though the web interface the version shows 3.2.

Great job :-)

At a customer that has a proxy, I'm not getting the MigrationTool to update.  The update requests are not hitting the configured proxy.  Could this be broken, perhaps?  Tried it in 3.1, 3.2, and 3.2.7 - the last two updated by importing bundles manually.

Can we expect the MT to digest some very long Cisco ASA policy with for example 20k rules?



Has the new features about ASA pre-8.3 been added in 3.2 ?

[MT-126] - CISCO. Added NAT support for version pre 8.3


Many thanks.


Great tool,

I do have a question about the fornt page, where it recoemmends a platform.  I loaded a current PA-3020 file to review it and get the nice totals of used vs non-used objects, etc.


The recommended platform shows as a 5020.  Is that based upon just the toals as far as zones, objects, etc ?  I'm guessing yeas, but would liek to explain where it derives that model from.


Also, this may be off topic, but support uses a tool to read qucikly through the techsupport dump files.  Do you know if this will ever be available to partners?





Hi first question: You will see the recommended platform decision under the red tab (output) then on Device Usage, the charts talk by themselves.


Seconf question. I dont know if that tool will be opened to the public or partners any time soon, sorry


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