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Overview The Palo Alto Networks Migration Tool is derived from the successful Migration Tool used by the Palo Alto Networks Professional Services Organization and Channel Partners. It’s an evolution of the Migration Tool into a configuration platform that allows you to, not only migrate configurations, but enhance, optimize, add, remove or edit elements, ultimately converting the legacy device rules into a next-generation model by creating App-IDs based on real traffic acquired from devices being installed or already in production. The Palo Alto Networks Migration Tool is a valuable asset for network security administrators who need or want to keep their rulebases in a pristine state. Note: The Migration Tool is packaged as a virtual machine image. The download file is a zipped tar archive and the size is approximately 760MB.   Palo Alto Networks Community Members with Support Accounts Community members who have a valid support account can download Migration Tool 3.3 (ensure you're logged on at the top of this page before attempting the download) Click here to get the Migration Tool for VMware ESXi 5.5 (or higher) (updated to 3.3.10) Click here to get the Migration Tool for VMplayer and Workstation   Don't Have a Support Account? If you do not have a support account with us, then click the link below: Click here to download Migration Tool 3.1     Please be aware the Migration Tool is provided as is, and is unsupported by our TAC. Assistance can be garnered through the Migration Tool Discussion Forum or by an onsite Professional Services Engineer, through your local sales contact.
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