Announcing the Live Community Sentinels!

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We announced the program last month and now it is time to announce the Sentinels. 


A Community Sentinel is an active Live Community user who has demonstrated excellence in contribution in the community over the course of a calendar year.  The Live Community users listed below represent the power of community at its best!


Here is the list of our 2017 Live Community Sentinels:


Brandon Pry - @BPry

Brandon Wertz - @Brandon_Wertz

Janelle Provine - @jprovine

Otakar Klier - @Otakar.Klier

Raido Rattameister - @Raido

Remo Mittler - @vsys_remo


Sentinels profiles are on the way, interviews are being conducted and profile cards are being developed.  Stay tuned for an insight into the 2017 Sentinels!


Click here if you want to learn more about the program.




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