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The power of a community comes from its users and how much they engage.  The more users post, comment, like, the more value the community offers!  So we love when our users engage in Live!  


As a thank you, and maybe as an incentive to be active, we are embarking on the gamification of Live Community.  The first step: introducing Live Community badges!  So now, you get rewarded for being active: the more you engage, the more badges you will get, showcasing your activity and expertise in the community.


When will badges be turned on?

We will be turning badges on June 6. 


How will I get notified when I get a badge?

It depends on how you set up your email preferences.  To see your email preference, click on your user name at the top right and select My Settings/Email:

LIVEcommunity Profile view.pngView of a LIVEcommunity Profile

- If you did not select "Don't send me any community emails," you will receive an email per badge awarded.

- If you did select it, no email will be sent out.  

By the default, the option is not selected so emails will be sent out. 


June 6 notifications: Please note if you have been active for a while, you might be set to receive a lot of badges (some of you might get more than 20 in one time). One email is sent out per badge so you will see as many emails coming into your inbox as badges you are awarded.  Good news: It will be just that one time, on June 6.  


What is a badge?

A badge is a visual way of demonstrating a user's status and progress. 


How do I get a badge?

There are four activities that can be awarded badges (more to come!).  You post your first question, you get the "Ask a question" badge with the "1" tag.  The badges are awarded in stages: after 5, 10 and so the more you are active, the more you get!


Discussion.png Ask a question
reply.png Comment on a discussion, article or blog
like.png Get a like for your discussion, comment, article or blog
accepted.png Receive an "Accepted as a solution"


You will see sometimes a specialty badge pop-up, like this one:

colossal.png These types of badges will be tied to specific events - participate and the badge is yours!


We hope to get more of these out, whenever an event takes place, a big launch or just because why not. 


Where can I see my badges?  

On your profile!  Click on your profile name at the top right and select "profile".

Scroll down to the "Badges" section to see your badges.  

Click on "View All" to see all the badges you have earned, as well as the badges you can earn (these are greyed out).


To see another user's badges, click on their profile name and scroll down to the "Badges" section. 


February 2018 — 100 Solutions earn a new badge for Kim!

LIVEcommunity Solutions Engineer Kim Wens, known in the community at kiwi, earns the Fighting the Fire badge  this week by having 100 of his contributions marked as a solution! Wow! Congratulations, Kim, and thanks for keeping the community informed, knowledgeable, and really cool. 


Kim Wens examining a magnifying glass.pngKim Wens examining a magnifying glass.


September 2017 — the first 500 Likes badge has ben earned!

@reaper, aka Solutions Engineer Tom Piens, captures the coveted 'In High Regard' badge, bestowed on those whose prolific outpourings and spot-on responses get LIKEs from other community members. The achievement is doubly noted for its high acclaim and for Reaper being the first to earn this badge!

 CONGRATULATIONS, and thanks for showing us how it's done!



Tom Piens reviewing the discussion board at Ignite.JPGTom Piens reviewing the discussion board at Ignite 500 Badge In High Regard.png500 Badge In High Regard

HOW ABOUT YOU? Have you topped 500 in any category? We want to hear about it! Keep collecting those badges and claim your way to fame! You'll stand out among your peers as the expert you are, and we promise, the journey is as much fun as arriving.


That is all for now.  If you have any questions, please comment below.


Keep posting!




Hi, I have attended to Ignite 2018 in Anaheim, how can I have the badge added to my profile? Thanks!

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