LiveWire April 2017 – Hot New Articles, What is a Sentinel?, The Road to Ignite 2017 and Real User Stories Continued.

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Dear Live Community member,


LiveWire is your monthly Palo Alto Live Community newsletter that delivers trending community topics, important technical news, and events from the Live Community and Palo Alto Networks. Read on!


Latest tech articles from our experts!

Just in case you missed them, here are some of the most popular recent articles:

Video Tutorial: DUO Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) (D is for..)
Inter VSYS NAT and how to hide Subnets

Do you have something to report?

The NATfather, part II

Tips & Tricks: How to configure GlobalProtect and IPv6

What's this pre-logon mode in GlobalProtect exactly?

There are many more on our blog... Read on! 


Introducing the Live Community Sentinel program

Here is your chance to get the community recognition you deserve! We are excited to announce the Live Community Sentinel program which is designed to recognize the most valuable contributors within Live! Users are the heart and soul of Live Community, bringing passion and knowledge, sharing it and connecting with others in the spirit that we are all better together. Being engaged in a community and bringing value requires time and commitment. Some of our users take it to a remarkable level of excellence and we want to recognize and thank them.  Do you want to be part of this special group of community experts? Read the announcement and learn more here.


Ignite 2017 – follow it on Live!

Only 7 weeks to wait until Ignite 2017, the most anticipated next generation security conference of the year!  Deep dive sessions, UTDs, workshops…so much will happen in Vancouver that it might just make your head spin!  To ensure you do not miss a beat and are ready for the event, we have set up an Ignite page on Live, with insightful information, an opportunity to ask questions about Ignite and see what the team has in store for you in Vancouver!  Do not miss it.


Real user tips rock!

Keep the great user tips and tricks coming!  It has been awesome to see so many users sharing tips and insights on what you wish you had known before starting with Palo Alto Networks.  If you haven't checked out the thread, join in the fun today.

Thanks to @santonic@DPoppleton@BPry and @jjb3k for all of the valuable insight - each has received the hot off the press Live Community t-shirt!  Want one?  Share your story!


If you have any questions or feedback about Live Community, let us know here.


Until next time,

Your Live Community team

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