Meet LIVEcommunity Sentinel Brandon Pry

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About the LIVEcommunity Sentinel program


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Introducing the 2017 LIVEcommunity Sentinels

Brandon Pry - Network and Security Administrator - Wisconsin State Legislature

Daily responsibilities: Manage all network, security and infrastructure aspects for main and district offices, respond to active threats, upgrade management, break/fix.

Registered since 2016, 237 Likes received, 924 posts, more than 13,000 page views, 75 solutions authored.

Features I did not know about….

“One of the early advantages of LIVE was people bringing up features I had not used before and did not even know about. Because you have such a wide array of users sometimes talking about a feature they are having an issue with, you learn about that feature, start looking into it and see its value for your environment.”

Being a Sentinel - What does it mean to you?

“In general, in the networking field, your work goes unnoticed until something breaks, so it is nice to be recognized for the time you put into LIVE. It means that what you do there, helping people getting set up for example, matters.”

LIVEcommunity is a quick first step to getting any issues solved by your peers because there is a good chance they have run into it before.

Where do I go for information?

“LIVEcommunity! No matter how long you have been working in the field, you are note going to know everything. the field just advances too quickly so experts need to talk to each other.”

Why do you go to LIVE?

“I learn about issues before they happen in my own environment, and I can take the necessary preemptive measures so it does not happen - that is pretty cool.”

“The articles are really good! It might not be exactly what you are looking for but it brings up new ideas or actions you should take or some you should not.”

About the Sentinel Program



 Woohoo you go Brandon ;)



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