PAN-OS 8.0 has arrived! Keep pace with an online, all-the-time, real world and the challenge of dynamic development and deployment. Secure the cloud, data and apps, with improved visibility and advanced protection. PAN-OS 8.0 has arrived, delivering the security and accountability you need for the real world.

PAN-OS 8.0 Articles

AutoFocus just got better - find out how!

post time: Jan 25, 2017 9:02:41 AM

For those of you who are unfamiliar with AutoFocus.  Simply put, the service allows you to prioritize advanced, targeted cyber attacks and will help security teams to take a more strategic approach to secure their organizations.

PAN-OS 8.0 Syn Data Payload Protection

post time: Dec 13, 2016 4:02:47 AM

The Syn Data Payload Protection enhancement lets administrators enable or disable SYN data payload checking within a zone protection profile.

PAN-OS 8.0 IPV6 Router Advertisement for DNS Configuration

post time: Dec 13, 2016 12:36:27 AM

Per RFC 6106 and RFC 5006, RDNSS (Recursive DNS Server) and DNSSl (DNS Search List) options are now included as part of the ND Router Advertisement messages.

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Captive Portal settings

I am running Palo Alto Pan OS version 7.1.11 and need to adjust my captive portal settings. How do I disable or bypass the captive portal for particul...

Friday 21 4

FW's Not connected to M100, SSL failed to connect to panorama

We are on a test network with one Panorama m100 and two PA-5020s that are at 6.1.7 (there are reasons). they have not been modified lately but are sho...

Thursday 18 1

SSLCipherSuite for httpd?

Hello all, Does anyone have an SSLCipherSuite available for httpd that will work well allowing decryption but maintaining the highest level of se...

Thursday 18 0

Disk space again

I have gone back and forth on disk space with tac and with the live community. I had tac clean up the log files before and that didn't gain me much. I...

2 weeks ago 53 13

Training - Labs

Hi all I am currently doing training - Firewall Installation, Configuration, and Management: Essentials I for PAN-OS 7.0 It's not an on...

2 weeks ago 135 8

Latency on Internal Interface

Hello, Using PAN-OS 8.0.7. When we ping a trusted interface, we see latency up and down. Any clues? root@test-machine:~# ping

2 weeks ago 70 7

Difference between pkts/sec vs conns/sec

Hi All, In Zone Protection Profile, a unit of rate changed from packets/sec to connections/sec when I upgrade into PAN-OS 8.0.It sounds defferent...

2 weeks ago 19 1

Recommened PAN-OS as of April 2017 (Q2)

What PAN-OS are people running these days? I am currently 7.0.8 and it is time for the care-and-feeding of the firewall code at my company. I am looki...

2 weeks ago 102 3

Upgrade virtual firewall to PAN-OS 8.0

Hi, We are running a number of virtual firewalls on VMware and according to the documentation you are required to add a new hard drive when upgra...

2 weeks ago 28 0

LDAP group member enumeration problem

I am running PAN OS 8.0.7 and having a problem with getting the members of a group enumerated by the firewall. The group is shown by the firewall...

3 weeks ago 46 1