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RQL query to check for any Change in role for Instance

I am trying to create an RQL query, which will check if anyone attaches or modify roles to an AWS instance. I am using the below Query :event whe...

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Capture JSON for Alerts that are sent to SQS

I have configured Redlock to send alert to SQS queue. I am getting the below fields in JSON body when I fetch it from SQS:However, When I try to fetch...

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Python API for Compliance Reports

Hi all, I'd like to create, read, update and/or delete Compliance Reports via the API but there's no documentation on compliance reports in the R...

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Query to alert when EBS data volume is de-attached from and EC2 instance

Looking for help with the right RQL toalert when any EBS data volume is de-attached from an EC2 instance

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Prisma Public Cloud Videos

RedLock: Securing the Public Cloud (EDU-150)

This training course discusses the RedLock Cloud 360 platform and covers a variety of topics.

For an overview of this course, please watch the video below.

Before you can access this training, you must already have a Palo Alto Networks account in our Learning Center. If you do not have an existing account with Palo Alto Networks, go to the Learning Center Login page to register for an account. Select the appropriate user type and follow the directions provided to create an account. Employees may log in using their Palo Alto Networks credentials.

If you already have an account, the course is available directly at

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