Step 7: Enroll in EDU-120 Panorama

  • Log in to the Palo Alto Networks Learning Center.
  • Use the Global Search field to search for the “EDU-120” course.
  • Click the title of the course in the search results.

Step-7-LMS1.pngPanorama 8.1: Manage Firewalls At Scale (EDU-120)


  • Click Request to add the course to your learning profile.

Step-7-LMS2.pngPanorama 8.1: Manage Firewalls At Scale (EDU-120) Course Description




  • Click Open Curriculum to launch the course.

Step-7-LMS3.pngPanorama 8.1: Manage Firewalls At Scale (EDU-120) Open Curriculum




  • Click Activate then Launch to open each module, beginning with the Panorama Course overview.

Step-7-LMS4.pngPanorama 8.1: Manage Firewalls At Scale (EDU-120) Curriculum Progress



  • As you finish certain modules of the EDU-120 within the Learning Center, you can perform the associated hands-on lab activities inside this remote environment, according to the instructions provided in the “Hands-On Lab Guide.” The Hands-On Lab Guide will walk you through several hands-on activities within a real firewall designed to reinforce the concepts you learned in each module.

Screenshot of Panorama 8.1 Lab Guide Activate button


To fulfill the steps of the Lab Guide, you will need to access the remote lab environment (instructions were provided on the second half of Step 5).


After completion of this training and the lab activities, proceed to Step 8.