How to renew Aperture License after expiry

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Why can't I renew my Aperture SaaS License with the new Auth Code on the Support Portal > Assets page?

When you click on the Actions tab on the Aperture License in the 'Registered Devices' page, the pop-up does not display
Auth-Code text field to apply the auth-code to activate/renew the license.


Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 4.54.21 PM.png


The new Auth Code cannot be activated for the Old Serial Aperture Serial number/Entry in the Support Portal. 

You will need to register the new Serial number mentioned in the Order fulfillment email using "Register new devices" tab

in the Support Portal and apply the new AuthCode in the new text-field (previously absent) to activate the new license, as per the instructions from this document.

Then verify if the Support Portal shows the new License.



The License Info page on the Aperture portal under Settings might still show the old license (Expired). 

To fix this, please open a Support Ticket for further assistance.

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