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Terraform is a powerful open source tool that is used to build and deploy infrastructure safely and efficiently. The advantage of Terraform is that it is cloud platform agnostic (unlike AWS CFT’s or Azure ARM templates), provides for the definition of infrastructure as code, and produces immutable infrastructure deployments. The Palo Alto Networks Terraform automation project offers Terraform templates to assist in deploying agile infrastructures based on the Palo Alto Networks next generation firewalls in the cloud.

Note: This is a community supported project. Please do not contact the Palo Alto Networks support team, as they will only direct you here for assistance. We encourage you to post your topics and questions in the discussion forums. Thank you!

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Terraform Templates for Cloud-Deployed Palo Alto Network Next Generation Firewalls

post time: 2 weeks ago

Templates for Terraform provide the ability to quickly and easily deploy and secure critical applications on the Palo Alto Networks Next Generation firewall for public cloud environments such as AWS and Azure. The Palo Alto Networks Live Community provides a central place to learn how to utilize this technology, get help from others using it, and more.



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posted: 2 weeks ago updated: 2 weeks ago

API: add a managed device into panorama

Hi,I'm looking for the correct syntax to add a new managed device (serial number) into panorama, using API.I tried lots of stuffs, but without success...

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posted: 3 weeks ago updated: 3 weeks ago

ansible panos_dag_tags causes Panorama to crash.

Hi PA devops! I'm trying to automate adding addresses and then adding tags to them. The first part succeeds but the second part causes Panorama to bec...

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posted: Jul 21, 2017 3:06:42 AM updated: Jul 21, 2017 9:56:37 AM

User ID Count

Im using this operational command to pull out the number of mapped users by the user id:<show><user><ip-user-mapping><all><...

32 2
posted: Jul 13, 2017 12:26:13 AM updated: 18 hours ago

XML API - Get thret ID and CVE (version 8.0)

Hello. Working with firewalls on version 7 with a query to the following path: xpath=/config/predefined/threats/vulnerability  I was able to...

62 5
posted: Jun 20, 2017 9:25:41 PM updated: Jun 21, 2017 11:32:46 PM

Commit and push in Panorama 8.0.3

Is there an API command to do a commit and push in Panorama in 8.0.3? I can only find a commit to panorama or a commit to template. The issue is that ...

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