Video Tutorial - Walkthrough: How Do I Use the New Community?

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Many have asked for a Video Tutorial on the New Palo Alto Networks Online Community. Here is a Video Walkthrough of the site. 



Hello everyone! My name is Joe Delio and I am a Solutions Engineer from the Palo Alto Networks Community team.


This video Tutorial will be introducing the New Palo Alto Networks online Community.


We are thrilled to release the new Community that we have built to help you do your job better and connect with over 25,000 security professionals.


We want to take a couple minutes to share with you some details about using the new Community.


This video will be covering the following topics in this Video Tutorial:

  1. Navigate the New Landing Page
  2. New Areas
    - Topics
    - Discussions
    - Resources
    - Support
  3. New Search
  4. Discuss, Learn and Read icons


Now, let’s take a look at the new page.

We will start with a quick walkthrough of the landing page, where you will see a completely new experience.

At the top of the screen, you should see the following areas to help navigate the site:

  • Topics
  • Discussions
  • Resources
  • Support



If you hover on Topics, you will see several different categories:

  • Management
  • Configuration
  • Endpoint
  • Threat
  • Cloud
  • Migration
  • Integration
  • Learning

In order to improve the search function, we have changed the way we organize content. We now have all our documents categorized so it is easy to find information that will help you. Each category has its own knowledge base. In each category you can find articles and videos.

Note: For anyone looking for DevCenter area, all of its content has been moved to the “Integration” category.



This takes you to the discussions forum. You can also get there by clicking the Discuss icon below. This is where you will go to ask questions to be answered by other community members as well as Palo Alto Network Support.



When you hover on Resources, you will see options for Feedback, Events, Compliance and Operations and Beta programs.  The Feedback area allows you to view and participate in discussions and read articles about the new community.



This will bring you to the Support area of the page. You will also have options to Submit a Web Case or get the Support phone number for your region,  if you would like to call into support.


New Search

Now let’s look at the new search. The search function is different in our New Community. Through a combination of accurate autosuggest features, faceted drill-down by label (topic), specific topics and a variety of options, the new search will get you to what you need, when you need it. If you have old bookmarks or know the article DOC-number you access frequently, just enter it and you’ll be automatically redirected to the new doc location. You can search the whole community,  the knowledge base or users.


Past the search, you will see the new Discuss, Learn and Read icons that take you to different places in the Community.



We just covered that this will bring you to the Discussion Forums .



This will take you to the Learning section of the Community. You can view learning articles, or you can also see the Academy sections available here.



The Read icon will bring you to the knowledge base to view articles in different categories as well as view featured content and blog posts.


That is all for now. Hopefully this walk through of the new community has helped you. Please comment below if you have any questions.


We hope you enjoy the new Community.


Thank you very much for watching.

by ldormond
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Don't know where to post that, but I wonder where are all my bookmarked articles, discussions, KB, HowTo, all my posts and foolow-ups, and so on that I used during years with the old community ?





on ‎04-01-2016 08:26 AM

 @ldormond, I am sorry for the late reply. 

Please check out the FAQ section first. see if it answers your questions or not and if not, please ask again.



Joe Delio

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