Video Tutorial: What is WildFire?

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Learn about WildFire and how it can protect you from unknown viruses, malware and trojans.



Video Tutorial Transcript: What is WildFire?


  • What you will learn in this Video Tutorial:
    - What is WildFire
    - Ways to deploy WildFire
    WildFire Public Cloud
    WildFire Private Cloud
    WildFire Hybrid Cloud
  • WildFire Concepts
    - Virtual Sandbox
    - Verdicts
    - File Type Analysis
    - Email Link Analysis
    - Signatures


For capacity information, please see:

For details on signatures and the benefits of having a WildFire subscription, see WildFire Subscription Requirements.


For a video on How to configure , please see this video:

Video Tutorial: How to Configure WildFire and view logs


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