BPA Report: Methodology and Training Links for Security Posture

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Read BPA Report: Methodology and Training Links for Security Posture to learn about resources to use from the BPA report. See how the BPA report can guide you towards an improved security posture through best practice recommendations. Got Questions? Get Answers on LIVEcommunity.


The BPA tool has added web links right in the report, so you can easily access specific documents that relate to a specific tab in the BPA report.


The links added specifically help users evaluate their security policy capability adoption, evaluate their best practice configuration, suggest how to prioritize best practices, and suggest how to implement the same. The links also provide a guided approach so you can move from your current state of posture to a more secure posture that is defined as a goal.


Please note that the same links will not be in each tab. Only documents links that apply to that specific tab will be shown. For example, if you are in the "Trending" tab, you get different links from the "Device Group" tab. This helps to provide the right guidance and moves you towards the next steps in security adoption.


Some of the links you see are as follows:


Transition to Best Practices



Videos explaining how to use Heatmap, BPA and explaining all the components


NOTE: You will need to register for a Learning Center account to view the BPA Training.


Below is a sample of a Security Profile Adoption Summary. In this page, on the top right, we added links that are relevant to this tab. 

Security Profile Adoption SummarySecurity Profile Adoption Summary

In the left navigation, we added a new section for "Learn More" that provides all the links that are necessary as you transition to best practices, videos to learn the heatmap and BPA, and more. 

BPA Report Learn More Reference LinksBPA Report Learn More Reference Links


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