How to Generate a Best Practice Assessment Report

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The Best Practice Assessment is a powerful tool that enables you to maintain visibility and control of your NGFW and Panorama deployments. However, in order to utilize this tool, you must first understand how to generate a report. 


Step 1: Generate and Download Your Tech Support File (TSF) 


Within your instance of an NGFW or Panorama, navigate to the Device tab, then select Support from the side navigation panel. Then Click on “Generate Tech Support File” to begin the process. Once the Tech Support File has been Generated, click the prompt to download your TSF (.tgz format).

*Note: Generation times may vary depending on the amount of data present in the configuration 


Figure 1: How to Generate a Tech Support File


Step 2: Upload your TSF to either the Customer Support Portal or Customer Success Portal


Within the Customer Support Portal, navigate to the Tools tab and select Best Practice Assessment and click on the “+ Generate New BPA” button. Similarly, to upload a TSF to the Customer Success Portal, navigate to Best Practice Assessment and click on the “Generate New BPA” button.


In both cases, simply upload your TSF onto the web page and proceed to Step 3. 



Figure 2: How to Upload the TSF to the Customer Support Portal



Figure 3: How to Upload the TSF to the Customer Success Portal

Step 3: Configure and Download the Report

Note that this step is the same for both the Customer Support Portal as well as the Customer Success Portal. 


Once you upload your Tech Support File, simply complete the Architecture Classification page, select your industry, and generate your report. A zip file containing a detailed .html file, a .xlsx spreadsheet, and an executive summary will be automatically downloaded once the generation process is completed.