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L4 Transporter

Select Relevant BPA Check


At Palo Alto Networks, we understand that certain aspects of the Best Practice Assessment (BPA) report might not be relevant to customers without context of their use case. Thus we added a capability within the BPA HTML report so that our customers can select relevant BPA checks which are aligned with their use case.


Below snip is from the Best Practice Assessment page within the HTML report. Here, the mapping definition page shows the overall result of the BPA checks run against device configuration, the overall passing percentage of the BPA checks is 47.1 %. 




For customers to be able to see the results which are aligned with their use case they can now select a filter named “Show Best Practice Checks” by clicking on Local Filter





Customers can select one or multiple BPA checks from the list and click “Apply”.





Once changes are applied the Mapping Definition page will show result based on selected BPA checks along with changed passing percentage result.