The Best Practice Assessment (BPA) has a New User Interface!

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BPA Splash Page (For illustration purposes only)BPA Splash Page (For illustration purposes only)


We’re thrilled to announce that the Best Practice Assessment has received some significant updates and added features. These include a new user interface and a library of on-demand, technical e-learnings.

The new BPA UI is a complete redesign of the BPA front end, making it easier to navigate and also includes performance and scalability improvements . You will notice a new splash page when you first log in, highlighting the latest BPA capabilities and features. 


In the BPA Summary, we have added clickable links to mapping definitions. It is now just one click to go from any section in the BPA summary to the relevant mapping definitions and then to the specific section of the BPA report to address a security gap.

For Panorama-run BPAs, we have introduced device group hierarchy. To understand the adoption context for a device in a group, select a device and automatically see adoption for the device parents, grandparents and so on. This gives a complete context for adoption.


Lastly, the BPA spreadsheet has been updated. This spreadsheet is available from the bundle of files created when the BPA is generated. We have introduced a new column called “BPA verdict.” In the past, the spreadsheet only listed failed checks. Now all checks are listed and classified as “failed,” “note,” and “pass” enabling users to better track progress against all checks.

New BPA e-learning videos have launched. These 200+ short videos (approximately 1 minute each) provide simple instructions on the purpose of each best practice check and how to make configuration changes in the UI to address a failed check. 

These videos are embedded within the HTML BPA report and can be accessed by clicking on the movie icon within each best practice check. They can also be accessed via LIVEcommunity and our learning management system.



- Video overview of new BPA UI: Video overview

- E-learning: BPA e-learning

Next Steps

  • Visit LIVEcommunity for additional details, FAQs and to ask questions
  • View and run a BPA with the new UI from the customer support portal
  • Contact us for further questions: