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v3.19.0 - Released on 9/9/2019


In addition to the enhancements and bug fixes included in this release, the team is hard at work on a major update of the HTML report to be more consistent with the company’s product style guide. Stay tuned for more!



  • Updated check #207 – Credential Theft feature now ensures that business credentials compromising URL categories are set to “Block”

Best Practice Check Results Credential Theft Fail.png


  • Update logic for WildFire file size checks on PAN-OS < 8.1 to provide a note if the file sizes exceed the recommended value

Setup WildFire Script File Size Limit.png


  • Added logic to rename "Captive Portal Policy" to "Authentication Policy" if PAN-OS 8.0+


Bug Fixes

  • Updated formula for Zone Protection Profile Adoption calculation to use all enabled rules
  • Fixed a bug with the Rules using Profile % calculations

v3.19.1 (Hotfix) - Released on 9/13/2019

  • Fixed a display issue where Interface Mgmt Network Profiles were missing from the HTML report

v3.19.2 (Hotfix) - Released on 9/19/2019

  • Fixed a bug related to parsing template variables
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