BPA Release Notes v3.24

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BPA Release Notes v3.24



New Features


Rule Hit Count 

We have added PAN-OS feature Rule Hit Count in to the BPA for firewalls running PAN-OS 9.0 and later. Now in the BPA results, we can filter those rules for adoption and best practices that are only passing traffic.


This greatly helps in focusing to increase adoption and best practices on the rules that are used. We want to apply different security capabilities on rules that are actively passing traffic, and (if possible) delete rules that are not being used to tighten the security rulebase.


Read "Rule Hit Count in Best Practice Assessment (BPA) Report" to learn more about this feature and how to use it.



Display zone names in Zone Protection Profile

We have added the zone names in the Zone Protection Profile cards to indicate which zones are being impacted with a specific Zone Protection Profile (ZPP). This helps to identify which ZPPs are effectively configured and passing best practice checks. It also helps identify the zones it is protecting right in the same place.


ZPP-1 template stack BPA report with Applied On Zones highlighted.ZPP-1 template stack BPA report with Applied On Zones highlighted.


DoS Protection Policies

We have added newer fields for DoS Protection rules, such as Rule Enabled, Action, Destination Address, Location, and Rule Name.


DoS Protection Rulebase BPA report with Dos Protection Rules highlighted.DoS Protection Rulebase BPA report with Dos Protection Rules highlighted.




Correction in sensitive fields masking

Some field values, such as "any," were corrected while masking the values.


Cell color in Mapping Definition

Corrected the color from white to red for the best practices that were at 0% pass percentage.


Updated the action values for High-Risk IP Address field

Updated the different action field values to ensure the check considers all the options and works consistently to pass the BPA check.


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