BPA Release Notes v3.25

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BPA Release Notes v3.25



New Features


Added Best Practices Trending

We have introduced the ability to track your progress when implementing the Best Practices. In the past, we could only provide Trending on your adoption statistics, but now we have it for Best Practices too. You can monitor the progress and identify the gaps in Best Practices.


BPA view of Trending tab with Best Practice Mode selected.BPA view of Trending tab with Best Practice Mode selected.


Trending for High Availability devices

Now, we have the ability to show Trending continuity even if you upload a tech support of secondary/Passive device or primary/active device. In the below example, when a user tries to generate BPA report for peer device, we will identify the Serial Numbers and fetch its peer's previous trending, so you do not miss the context and Trending data.


BPA Trending data with Serial highlighted.BPA Trending data with Serial highlighted.


Added previous BPA reports Passing %

We have added two new columns under the Mapping Definition section for BPA, so we can track the progress for individual BPA checks. With this release, we can identify the previous BPA report passing % score and what is current Passing %, so we can review the progress and identify gaps where needed and as expected.


BPA Previous and Passing Percent ColumnsBPA Previous and Passing Percent Columns


Added option to generate BPA report bundle through API

BPA API is available to generate raw json output that we see in the BPA report. We added the ability where a user has an option to generate a BPA .zip bundle (contains BPA html report, PDF summary report, and BPA spreadsheet) in addition to the json output for BPA results.



BPA API View with generate .zip_bundle highlighted.BPA API View with generate .zip_bundle highlighted.


Heatmap adoptions statistics added in BPA API results

Grand totals adoption value is now added as shown below.

BPA API view with grand totals highlighted.BPA API view with grand totals highlighted.




Added fields for DoS Protection Policy

We made some improvements to ensure there is a separate record for each DoS policy. In addition, we have added more fields to view the details of the policy.


BPA DoS Protection with Policy highlighted.BPA DoS Protection with Policy highlighted.


Threat Exceptions reorganized

When many exceptions were configured on a threat profile, each record was very big. This has been corrected to clearly viewing the threat exceptions and its packet capture setting.

Threat Exceptions with Packet Capture highlighted.Threat Exceptions with Packet Capture highlighted.




Updated the check for Verify Update Server

When the Verify Update server was configured properly it was reported missing due to XML behavior on configuration file. This has been corrected.


Device Support updated

When the support license was missing we were not printing the results and updating the message. This has been fixed.


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