BPA Release Notes v3.33

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BPA Release Notes v3.33


New Features


Improvements on 'Mapping Definitions' section 

We have added,

a - 'Passing Occurence' column - Now we can know how many number of times a single BP check has been parsed in a configuration and check how many times it has passed out of total occurrences seen in the configuration.

b - On mouse over the '?' button we can identify the details on how the calculation is made for Passing %, Previous Passing % and Passing Occurence

c - Total - How the total value is derived and its calculation on the filtered results.


Passing Occurence and details on calculation for Passing % and Total valuesPassing Occurence and details on calculation for Passing % and Total values



 HTTP/2 Protocol inspection

We have added a new check to ensure if customer expecting HTTP/2 protocol traffic then they have the right configuration in place to permit this traffic through the firewall.


'Security Profile Verdict' New filter in 'Rule Detail' Tab

Now we can have the ability to filter security rules which have security profiles with pass or fail BP check verdicts. We can export the list of rules to fix them or scope the work.


Security Profile Verdict - Filter in BPASecurity Profile Verdict - Filter in BPA




Fixed some text typos in BPA informational section


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