BPA Release Notes (Version 6.4.0)

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 BPA Release Notes

(Version 6.4.0)


Starting BPA Version 6.0.0 Prisma Access BPA report will provide Health Check information about your Prisma Access. Health checks are essential in establishing a solid foundation upon which cybersecurity infrastructure is built, it will help to identify weakest security areas, and will also recommend the best practice actions to mitigate any potential risks.


The Service Health option under Best Practice Assessment tab will provide you with the detailed information about each health check and the necessary actions that are required to pass each one of them. 



Figure 1: Service Health under Best Practice Assessment

To learn more about health checks in Prisma Access BPA report please click here


Health Checks added to BPA in BPA V6.4.0


Health Checks


 UserID Remote Network Redistribution UserID Agent from On-Prem

 Mobile Users Authentication SAML


Mobile Users Authentication Sequence




Review the latest Known Issues




HTML Report > Deployment Type missing from Mapping Definitions: Deployment Type showing as undefined, whereas it should actually show the correct mapping definitions

S2 - Major

Action on DNS Queries for DNS Sinkhole is not set to “sinkhole” and still passes

S3 - Minor

Reloading the HTML Report will repeatedly show New Features pop up

S3 - Minor

SNMP tab text not matching main screen text


Distinguish between authentication profile and profiles and authentication sequence and sequences for better user experience


Device management license should have the same SN as host SN

S3 - Minor

Target Device is being set as none instead of the serial number of the device

S3 - Minor

Filter is capitalization sensitive - The local filters are capitalization sensitive when typing in a search query. The filter should be able to take in both capitalized words and non capitalized words.

Review the Addressed Issues from the last release




Authentication tab text not matching main screen text


Change to ECMP Load Balancing tag in 10.1 caused issue processing TSF file


Error while running BPA Report for Prisma Access. Authentication Cookie timeout is not set for customer


Batch license info shows empty even if there are batch licenses.


When we generate a BPA report for strata we need to exclude any PA HC.


Global Protect Checks fails due to incorrect SAML flag


BPA API HTML Issue which prevented downloading and viewing a report offline

For BPA support, please contact us at bpa@paloaltonetworks.com




How to generate a Prisma Access BPA Report

How to Generate a BPA Report

Health Check Demo Video

BPA Solution Brief 

Best Practice Assessment (BPA) Tool LIVEcommunity Page


Configuration Wizard Demos


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