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Read the BPA Release Notes v3.30 and see what's new. Find out if there were any new features or bugs that were addressed in the release notes.
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Review the new BPA Release Notes for v3.27. See how the new features and bug fixes can help you with checking your system for vulnerabilities. 
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Review the improvements and bug fixes for the BPA. See how the fixed BP Mode Summary Graph can help you.
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Read about the new features, updates, and bug fixes in the BPA Release Notes v3.25.
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Review the BPA release notes for V3.23. Learn how we added managed devices count on the Panorama report and a forwarding decryption check. We also explain some of the bugs that were fixed.
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Review BPA Release Notes for V3.21. Learn about the updates to bug fixes such as updated file blocking profile check, updated Intrazone rule check, and an Xpath evaluation error update.
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View the BPA Release Notes for V3.22. Learn about the added new URL category Grayware part of blocked categories and a check for DNS Security License. We also corrected a bug about parsing accurately.
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