Cortex XSOAR Marketplace a new way to SOAR

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Cortex XSOAR Marketplace a new way to SOARCortex XSOAR Marketplace a new way to SOAR



In these challenging times, when most of the workforce is remote and there’s no end to the influx of security alerts, security teams within a SOC are looking for new and innovative ways to automate their mundane tasks. Many of our customers have asked us about what other XSOAR customers are doing or using to solve a particular use case. What playbooks are they using or building that we can take advantage of and are different from what’s available out of the box? 


These are all valid and important questions. Every SOC is different and requires a different approach. One thing is for sure; they all need security automation. Innovation is at the heart of automation. No matter how many built-in integrations a vendor provides, it cannot compare to what an open community can produce. They can build playbooks that no one has ever thought of before. The possibilities are endless!


Cortex XSOAR marketplace is the only security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) exchange that makes it easier for security teams to find and share security orchestration innovations built by the world's largest SOAR ecosystem. Built on an extensible SOAR platform, now you can accelerate automation usage within your SOC. 




Fig 1: Cortex XSOAR MarketplaceFig 1: Cortex XSOAR Marketplace



This is the largest SOAR marketplace that consists of free and paid content packs offered by industry experts and more than 470 integration partners. Not only are they verified by Palo Alto Networks, but they include ratings and reviews by industry peers. Giving you peace of mind and confidence that these turnkey packs can be activated with a single click. These packs can consist of any of these capabilities:


Technology Integrations: Prebuilt actions that perform functions across the platform and the ecosystem of technology integrations


Orchestration Playbooks: Prebuilt automated orchestration playbooks for simplified security investigation and response


Automation Scripts: Prebuilt integrations with leading security products and technology vendors


Dashboard layouts: Curated dashboard views of specific data sets that support critical security use cases, playbooks, and integrations


Subscription Services: Content service offerings

Fig 2: Palo Alto Networks Cortex XDR Content PackFig 2: Palo Alto Networks Cortex XDR Content Pack


With granular search capabilities, you can quickly discover content packs that are relevant to your environment and can address the toughest use cases. Enabling security teams to filter through use cases, integrations, categories, publishers, ratings, reviews, verifications and much more.

Fig 3: Cortex XSOAR Marketplace search capabilitiesFig 3: Cortex XSOAR Marketplace search capabilities


Your adversaries are not slowing down. They are using more automation to launch their attacks, and you need to adapt and stay ahead of the curve continually. XSOAR marketplace gives you that edge by harnessing the power of the largest SOAR ecosystem. Our technology partners introduce new, innovative packs combined with a community of thousands of users who are continually building and sharing new playbooks that solve the most challenging use cases.



To learn more about Cortex XSOAR Marketplace release, go here:

Visit our Cortex XSOAR Resource Page for more information.

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