Cyber Elite Awards 2022: Thanking LIVEcommunity's Outstanding Experts!

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Today, we want to take some time to recognize our amazing Cyber Elite experts, who have contributed countless hours to LIVEcommunity. The Cyber Elite award is our way of saying thank you to these outstanding members who are gracious in contributing technical expertise, help and participation to our global technical community.


Our Cyber Elite experts have exemplified and demonstrated the key characteristics that make up our vibrant and interactive technical community. These LIVEcommunity values are:


  • Advocacy — trustworthy and balanced representative of LIVEcommunity
  • Expertise — strong technical understanding providing valuable solutions
  • Tone — supportive and collaborative style in helping members succeed
  • Responsiveness — actively engages with tireless contributions
  • Leadership — advocates for successful use and best practices of Palo Alto Networks products and services


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Thank you Cyber Elite members! We appreciate your generous peer-to-peer collaboration and abundant participation, which is vital to LIVEcommunity success. 



Through the Cyber Elite program, the entire LIVEcommunity is the beneficiary of their insightful technical expertise, content, and solutions — all of which help in daily problem-solving and the sharing of knowledge and valuable tips. 

For more details about LIVEcommunity's Cyber Elite program and the expert members who help shape our community, visit the Cyber Elite Program page.


@SteveCantwell @SutareMayur @Astardzhiev @OtakarKlier @nikoolayy1 @vsys_remo @MP18 @BPry @reaper 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Congrats again to each of the Cyber Elites and thank you for your contributions to LIVEcommunity!!

Community Team Member

The LIVEcommunity team loves our Cyber Elite experts! Thank you all.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you for all you do in our community!  We appreciate the values you continue to exemplify over and over! You are the best!

Community Team Member

These are some great pictures ! Thanks for striking a pose !!

Cyber Elite
Cyber Elite

Thanks to everyone for giving me this honour!

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