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We love hosting events for our community members! It's a great way to learn more about how to best leverage LIVEcommunity discussions, how-to materials, technology pages and, of course, connect with other members. In the past few weeks, we held two important events:

LIVEcommunity AMA Roundtable Discussion Recap

 The LIVEcommunity team was all hands on deck to answer questions during our AMA. Whether it was self-help, support, or getting around the community, we hope participants found the discussion valuable!


Below are a few question highlights from our LIVEcommunity AMA:

  • How can I use LIVEcommunity to learn more about Palo Alto Networks products, as well as their trainings?
  • Hello team - how can I find self-help resources for Prisma Access? 
  • How can I be alerted to new posts in areas that interest me?
  • Is there a feature available within the community that you don't think is used as much as it should be, or that members maybe don't realize exists?


Although the live Q&A is over for now, you can still visit the LIVEcommunity AMA roundtable discussion. We encourage you to head over to the AMA events area now and, whether you missed it or just want to review, read through all the answers. 


Join us for our next AMA event with LIVEcommunity Cyber ElitesAnd be sure to subscribe to the Events page on LIVEcommunity as more information will be shared shortly. If you have a suggestion for a future AMA topic, please reply below with a Comment with your ideas.


GlobalProtect: Secure and Seamless Remote Workforce Deployment Webinar Recap

For those who were able to join our July 6 GlobalProtect webinar, we want to say thank you for making this a great event! A lot of great questions were asked and all of them were answered on the spot.


The GlobalProtect: Secure and Seamless Remote Workforce Deployment webinar covered:

  • Overview, benefits, and security of cookie based authentication to ensure a seamless and secure end-user experience while accessing applications
  • Identification, quarantine and reporting of compromised devices to prevent spreading of attacks within enterprise environment 
  • A Q&A period, including great queries that you can check out by watching the webinar recording or heading to the event page.


Head on over to the LIVEcommunity YouTube channel and like the video to show your support and subscribe to our channel if you haven't done so already. 



Be sure to subscribe to the LIVEcommunity Events page to find more information on future digital events.


Feel free to share your questions, comments and ideas in the section below!


Thank you for taking time to read this blog!

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