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Choosing the reporting software that is right for your business can be a difficult decision. Good reporting assists you in making better decisions and helps to inform you on what you can ignore and what you need to focus on.


Out of the box, PAN-OS has a set of helpful, predefined 'top 50' reports that allow traffic visibility in the network. The reports, scheduled and generated by default, save the administrator from configuring custom reports.


You will find all of these reports at the Monitor tab > Reports. All you need to do is select the report you would like to see and the date as illustrated in the screenshot below:


Predefined ReportsPredefined Reports

Want all the nitty gritty details on predefined reports ? Check out our in-depth article here: Tips & Tricks: Scheduled Predefined Reports


Sometimes, the predefined reports don't really reflect what you need. You'll need to take it a step further and create your own reports.  This is where custom reports come into play.


This came up in a discussion last week where user Eugene_Alejandro wasn't getting the desired output from his PDF Summary Report.  These Summary Reports are special reports as they contain information compiled from existing reports, based on data for the top 5 in each category, limiting you to a Top 5 in each category. This is a big difference with the Top 50 of the predefined report.


You can follow and add your insights to the discussion here:

PDF Summary Reports - How to increase the "TOP" hits in the TOP Denied Sources

Reports DiscussionReports Discussion

That being said, the predefined reports might not contain the desired data/columns or you would like to negate specific data.  All that can be done using Custom Reports.  


Custom Reports can be created at the Monitor tab > Manage Custom Reports


Custom ReportsCustom Reports

Need some assistance in getting started with Custom Reports? Check out the following in-depth article that even has an awesome video tutorial that should get you up and running in no time:


Getting Started: Custom Reports


As always, we welcome all questions, feedback and comments below!


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