Everything You Need to Know About Prisma SD-WAN (formerly CloudGenix SD-WAN)!

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In today's blog, I will go over the information and spread the good news about an important service offering. Because who doesn't love saving money while also having the best available service at your command?


Palo Alto Networks' Prisma SD-WAN (formerly CloudGenix SD-WAN) is a cloud-delivered service that implements app-defined, autonomous SD-WAN to help you secure and connect your branch offices, data centers and large campus sites without increasing cost and complexity. The AppFabric connects your sites securely with application awareness and gives you the freedom to use any WAN, any cloud for a thin branch (security from the cloud) solution.


Check out the LIVEcommunity Prisma SD-WAN portal where you'll find discussions, videos, blogs and other resources related to CloudGenix SD-WAN. Ask your questions and participate in the discussions or browse around to find the information you're looking for!


CloudGenix SD-WAN on LIVEcommunityCloudGenix SD-WAN on LIVEcommunity


Note: The CloudGenix Support Portal has been successfully transitioned to the Palo Alto Networks Support Portal: Palo Alto Networks Support Portal


Partial Shipments:

The ability to manage CloudGenix partial product shipments has been added to the Palo Alto Networks Customer Support Portal. With this you have control over the management of partial product shipments.


For partial shipment orders that are in process during this transition you will need to access the Palo Alto Networks Support Portal to complete any partial shipment processing.  The following knowledge base article provides details on how to process partial shipments. Currently partial shipment is only available for US domestic locations with support for international locations to be provided in the near future.


CSP Super Users:

Each customer account on the Palo Alto Networks Support portal is assigned a support portal Super User. The Super User can authorize the contacts that will have access to open cases or manage existing cases. Please see this knowledge base article for more details.


Additional Information:

If you are experiencing any access issues, please contact support or visit the Login Assistance page.


NOTE: The email support@cloudgenix.com will no longer be available for case creation or monitoring. Please use the Palo Alto Networks Support Portal or reach out to Support if you would like assistance.


More information on Prisma SD-WAN:

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