Expedition Revamped and a Brand-New Playlist

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Expedition is the fourth evolution of the Palo Alto Networks Migration Tool, used to help reduce the time and efforts of migrating a configuration from a supported vendor to Palo Alto Networks.


By using Expedition, everyone can convert a configuration from Checkpoint, Cisco, or any other vendor to a PAN-OS and give you more time to improve the results. Expedition 3 added some functionalities to allow our customers to enforce security policies based on App-ID and User-ID as well.


With Expedition, we have gone one step further, not only because we want to continue helping to facilitate the transition of a security policy from others vendors to PAN-OS, but we want to ensure your outcome is the best-possible one. This is why we added a Machine Learning module that can help you generate new security policies based on real log traffic, and the reason for introducing the Best Practices Assessment Tool to check that the configuration complies with the Best Practices recommended by our security experts.


NOTE: Expedition is supported by the community as best effort. The Palo Alto Networks TAC does not provide support, so please post your questions in the Expedition discussions area.


Check out this brand new playlist which contains detailed workflows of the Log Analysis Features of Expedition. The APP-ID Adoption, Rule Enrichment and Machine Learning features that can help you to migrate your service port-based security policies to APP-ID based and refine your existing security policies based on traffic logs.



Refer to this Expedition - Log Analysis Feature Guide for more details: https://live.paloaltonetworks.com/t5/expedition-articles/expedition-documentation/ta-p/215619?attach....


If you need more information about Expedition then I suggest that you head over to the revamped LIVEcommunity Expedition Tool Page where you'll find many more links to resources such as articles, videos, discussions and blogs !


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