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Even searching for the obvious can sometimes be hard.  You might have missed something earlier or you might have never needed it before.  Or you might have just done things differently in the past.


Either way, not finding what you're looking for is very frustrating and you might even become a hazard for your coworkers.


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That said, user alban.fetahi was wondering about a specific way to filter out security rules.


Discussions forumDiscussions forumThanks to some of our active members on the forum, he was presented quite fast with a couple of different ways to get the result he was looking for.


Simply typing the name of the zone in the search bar and hitting enter will already display any rule that contains the string as seen in the screenshot below.


4 hits4 hits


As seen in the example above, it will hit on any string that matches (4 in this particular case).  So you might end up with too many matches.


If you want to limit your query to the source zone specifically then you can use the following search-filter instead : (from/member eq 'TEST')

If you don't know the specific syntax for a filter then there are a couple of tricks you can use.


You could use the arrow next to the zone-name and click on "Filter".  This will automatically populate the search-filter.


Populate FilterPopulate Filter


 Alternatively, you could also drag and drop the zone itself into the search filter which will also populate it automatically :


Click, Drag and DropClick, Drag and Drop


Finally, community team member @reaper pointed out the power of tags, referring to his article + video tutorial :


All great stuff that can make your life a lot easier!


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