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Community Manager
Community Manager

Palo Alto Networks LIVEcommunity Cyber Elite.png

Today is a special day at Palo Alto Networks and for LIVEcommunity as we launch our ALL NEW community expert member program, The Cyber Elite Program!

Our members are the heart and soul of LIVEcommunity, and we are excited to recognize the new members of the program. These expert colleagues have contributed countless hours to the community. The Cyber Elite program will provide even MORE insightful technical content, solutions to make your life easier, and glean additional tips from our experts. These key members stand out because they are dedicated high-value contributors.


The Cyber Elite designation is our way of saying “Thanks” for their technical expertise, tireless participation, and generosity they provide to LIVEcommunity.


Our combined Cyber Elite contributions to the community is something we’d like to recognize and highlight:

  • 9,730 Messages Posted
  • 2,642 Likes Received
  • 1,069 Accepted Solutions


Introducing our 2020 Cyber Elite Members


Brandon Pry @BPry Otakar Klier @OtakarKlier Mahesh Parmar @MP18
  • Messages posted: 3854
  • Likes received: 1278
  • Accepted solutions: 539
  • Messages posted: 1831
  • Likes received: 395
  • Accepted solutions: 173
  • Messages posted: 1145
  • Likes given: 321
  • Accepted solutions: 26


Remo Mittler @Vsys_remo Brandon Wertz @Brandon_Wertz  Steven Cantwell @SteveCantwell
  • Messages posted: 1759
  • Likes received: 642
  • Accepted solutions: 241
  • Messages posted: 848
  • Likes received: 227
  • Accepted solutions: 50
  • Messages posted: 293
  • Likes received: 70
  • Accepted solutions: 40



How are Cyber Elite Members Selected?

Eligibility is available for current Palo Alto Networks LIVEcommunity members. They are hand-selected based on contributions in the community with a laser focus on adding value, being helpful, sharing knowledge, and bringing a unique perspective. Membership will be a year-long appointment that will be re-evaluated annually.



What are the benefits of becoming a Cyber Elite?

These exceptional members will receive access to a variety of invaluable perks that include:

  • A shiny new Cyber Elite badge
  • Assigned a special "Cyber Elite" title 
  • Exclusive access to the Cyber Elite Lounge (a private digital gathering place)
  • Opportunities to meet with Palo Alto Networks to discuss new technologies and other topics of interest
  • Random acts of delight and other rewards


Wherever you see a community member identified as a Cyber Elite, you can trust their experience and expect high quality contributions. Visit the NEW Cyber Elite program page and join us in welcoming our Cyber Elite experts for 2020.


Stay Engaged!


Cheryl Rasmussen
Engagement Program Manager, LIVEcommunity


L3 Networker

It is obvious to those of us in LIVEcommunity that the consistent engagement and participation you all bring to the community helps to make it vibrant, interactive and extremely helpful.  Thank you for all you do! Welcome to the Cyber Elite Program - We are excited to have you represent the LIVEcommunity.

Cyber Elite
Cyber Elite
Community Team Member

We want to welcome each one of you! We all value your tremendous contribution to the community and Palo Alto Networks.

Cyber Elite
Cyber Elite



It is an honor to receive this from PANW.


 I know we are all a hard working community, and we have relied on each other to keep fact checking and integrity.  I

I certainly know that i have learned from you (Reaper) in how your comments and replies are highly accurate as well.

Maybe next year, we can share. 


For now, I claim  this for ALL the hard working community members. 

This is our award, and we all deserve it.




L3 Networker

Great to have you @SteveCantwell we appreciate you as we know the community at large does as well. It's well deserved and your positive attitude, participation and contribution is much appreciated! Looking forward to having you as one of our first Cyber Elite members. 

L0 Member


L0 Member

This is pretty cool! What are the rule to join  @crasmussen ?

Do you start to count exactly from January 1st or some other time, is there a scoreboard where you can check your status, are members handpicked or is it "king of the hill" style top 6 wins, are there disqualifying factors (do I need to be on my company account or can I participate as a "free" user?),  are members displaced each year or new members added?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@AdeptusAstartes - Thanks for your note and inquiry!  We are very excited to be able to recognize our most engaged Customer and Partner community members. I wanted to point you to a great resource that should answer most of your questions about the program - The Cyber Elite Program page

I would also recommend looking at the Cyber Elite member profiles that we have highlighted to give you an idea of the type of engagement and value they provide to the entire community.

I hope this information is helpful, thank you for engaging and please reach out to us with any additional questions:



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