IoT Security Update November 2021

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L4 Transporter

IoT Security Update November 2021IoT Security Update November 2021



  • IoT Security customers can now activate an Enhanced License Agreement (ELA) in either the Customer Support Portal (CSP) or the Hub. 
  • In addition to suppressing alerts per device(s), you can now also upload a list of known vulnerability scanners and suppress security alerts generated due to a known vulnerability scanner.
  • There’s a new query tab for information in addition to the existing global search tab in the IoT Security UI.
  • There were two releases of the device dictionary in October. First, we released a new device dictionary with 15 new profiles, 5 new vendors, and one new category (Body Camera Docking Station) on October 14. We released a second new device dictionary with 28 new profiles, 15 new vendors, and 2 new categories (Vehicle Telematics and Industrial PLC) on Oct 28.
  • Community sharing of 2,000-plus MDS2 docs are now available for healthcare customers.




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