Join Palo Alto Networks' Nebula Launch Event, March 22-23

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Palo Alto Networks is announcing Nebula, the latest ML-Powered Network Security Platform that helps protect you and your organization against cyberthreats, even in today's fast-evolving landscape. 

Nebula is the latest upgrade of our industry-leading PAN-OS software. A reference to interstellar clouds, the name Nebula represents the ability of PAN-OS 10.2 to leverage cloud compute for AI and deep learning techniques to secure the modern enterprise with unmatched performance. Nebula ushers in a new era of cybersecurity by doing what other solutions can’t: stopping today’s most sophisticated attacks as they happen.


At the live Nebula launch event, which takes place March 22 and 23, you'll hear directly from some of Palo Alto Networks' top brass. Join Nir Zuk (Founder and CTO), Lee Klarich (Chief Product Officer) and Kevin Dunbar (CMO) as they discuss Nebula's brand new, industry-first features. You'll learn:


  • How Nebula finds and stops zero-day attacks in real time by leveraging the power of inline deep learning, all without sacrificing performance
  • The critical importance of Nebula’s ability to collect, analyze and interpret potential zero-day threats using deep learning in real time
  • About Palo Alto Networks' IoT Security 2.0, which offers greater visibility, compliance and Zero Trust enforcement for IoT devices, with 90% of all devices discovered in 48 hours and 20X faster policy decisions


Plus, Nebula also introduces AIOps for NGFW — Palo Alto Networks’ tenth cloud-delivered security service — and the new Advanced Threat Prevention service while enhancing Advanced URL Filtering and DNS Security. This latest release continues the momentum of Palo Alto Networks’ fourth generation hardware with PA-3400 and PA-5400 Series ML-Powered NGFWs, offering 3X faster security in a smaller package. 


Register now for the Nebula launch event.



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