LIVEcommunity 2020 Year in Review

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LIVEcommunity 2020 Year in ReviewLIVEcommunity 2020 Year in Review


We all know that 2020 has been a crazy year and it has finally come to an end. As the LIVEcommunity team reflects on the achievements we’ve made, projects we’ve accomplished and the virtual events in which we participated this year, we are reminded of all the great milestones that the community has reached, all of the information and knowledge that you’ve helped provide, and all the awesome people who have helped the LIVEcommunity become what it is today.


We made many upgrades to the LIVEcommunity to help with user experience, and we had our first-ever all-virtual event, Ignite.


We also want to give a shout-out to our amazing Cyber Elite Expert Members. You have never failed to provide exceptional help and resources for our LIVEcommunity. Thank you for all of your support and contributions in 2020.


Here are some moments that helped define the LIVEcommunity in our 2020 review:

8.5M Page Views

4.3M Visits

156 Blogs

600 Articles

717 Total Comments 

817 Total Kudos

1833 Questions Answered/Discussion Replies


Most Popular Blogs:

GlobalProtect and Prisma Access during COVID-19 by jdelio

URL Filtering Category Modifications: Grayware & Questionable by Kpotts



Why is SMB traffic slow? by Kiwi


Thank you for making 2020 a year to remember. We'll see you in the new year! Let's hope this one brings us all lots of new memories and growth as a community.

Community Team Member

What a year it has been!  Thank you to all of our LIVEcommunity members! I especially want to send my appreciation to our Cyber Elite members @BPry @Brandon_Wertz @OtakarKlier @vsys_remo @MP18 @SteveCantwell !

Thank you for your tireless contributions and for going above and beyond in assisting our community members!  Here's to an incredible 2021!!

Cyber Elite
Cyber Elite

It's great to have the opportunity to assist the community as well as learn from everyone's shared experience too.

L1 Bithead

The links arent working.  They have an extra space at the end.

Community Team Member

Thank you for flagging @Coldfirex - should be working now. 

L1 Bithead

thanks you Happy New year , i go to develop in france in french riviera a chapter . Palo Alto 

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