March VM-Series and CN-Series Updates
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The software firewall team has been working hard to simplify your experience with our products and this March we’re pleased to announce several developments designed to ease security deployment while expanding the ways you can safeguard your organization. Read on to see why we are excited to announce the availability of the Panorama Software Firewall License plugin that dramatically simplifies license management. Then learn about the new VM-Series Plugin 2.0.5 that introduces expanded VM-Series hypervisor support, new capabilities across GCP environments, and more.


March VM-Series and CN-Series UpdatesMarch VM-Series and CN-Series Updates


Simplify License Management with the Panorama Software Firewall License Plugin

We’re pleased to announce the Panorama Software Firewall License plugin. With this plugin, you can now deploy VM-Series firewalls in air gap environments where there is no direct internet access from firewalls to Palo Alto Networks licensing servers. If your VM-Series firewalls are located in the perimeter of your deployment and do not have connectivity to the Palo Alto Networks licensing server, the Software License plugin simplifies the license activation process by using Panorama to license the VM-Series firewall. Additionally, the Software Firewall License plugin simplifies the license activation and deactivation of VM-Series firewalls in environments that use auto scaling and automation to deploy and delete firewalls when addressing changes in the cloud. Find out more


Leverage VM-Series 9.1 with NSX-T 3.1

VM-Series firewalls running PAN-OS release 9.1 are now qualified for NSX-T 3.1. This means you can continue to work securely with the latest advances in private cloud networking. Be sure to review the compatibility requirements in the Plugin Compatibility Matrix, though, before you install this plugin.


Safeguard Ubuntu 20.04 and KVM Environments

If you’re securing KVM environments, do not fear the Focal Fossa, Canonical’s Ubuntu 20.04 Linux distribution. We’ve extended VM-Series support for this important long-term-support (LTS) release. Find more information here.


Segment Traffic with VLANs without Compromising SR-IOV Performance Boost

Tag high availability (HA) and data traffic with VLANs with single root I/O virtualization (SR-IOV) enabled. The SR-IOV Access Mode feature on ESXi lets you segment traffic with VLAN tags without compromising the performance boost from SR-IOV. Find more details to configure this feature here.


Match VM-Series with GCP MTU Options

Users can now match VM-Series maximum transition units (MTUs) to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) MTUs for more flexibility when creating a Virtual Public Cloud (VPC) in Google Cloud. This means more flexibility when choosing between GCP 1460 and 1500 MTU options because the VM-Series interface now supports both. Take a look


Don’t Miss Out on Last Month’s VM-Series and CN-Series Firewall News

Did you miss February’s update? If you did, you’ll want to take a look because we announced the industry’s most flexible software consumption model — a credit-based approach designed to help you scale security as rapidly as needed. Last month’s edition also explained how new features in our CN-Series container firewall makes protecting Kubernetes environments easier , and introduces new CloudFormation Templates for VM-Series firewall integrations with the AWS Gateway Load Balancer (GWLB). Plus you’ll learn how to keep VM-Series firewalls humming along in Azure and find ways to scale your security in Cisco ACI environments.

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