New AIOps Enhancements on Prisma SD-WAN 5.5

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What are AIOps exactly?


AIOps is short for Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations. It aims at simplifying and automating IP operations management and problem solving in IT environments.  It does this by leveraging big data, analytics and machine learning and performs analysis in order to detect events and patterns and act upon them accordingly.


According to Gartner, "By 2023, 40% of DevOps teams will augment application and infrastructure monitoring tools with artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) platform capabilities."


Due to the massive digital transformation, and the continuous growth in data volume generated by networks and applications, traditional approaches for IT management have become obsolete. AIOps has become a critical component in the IT world to help cope with the growing complexity and scale.


Some of AIOps benefits include:

  • anomaly detection
  • event correlation
  • root cause analysis (RCA) 
  • real time analysis
  • all of the above elements will result in reduction of MTTR


Knowing that AIOps is on the rise, we are very excited to share some of the powerful AIOps enhancements on Prisma SD-WAN.


In case you missed it, with the release of Prisma SD-WAN 5.5, we introduced three new features that will help dramatically simplify your network operations:


  • Event correlation and analysis using AIOps - speeds up response time for problem remediation.
  • Improved dashboard views - improved visibility on your network, plan for capacity and troubleshoot problems more effectively.
  • Telemetry exporting to third-party collectors - allowing organizations to view advanced reporting metrics and system metadata to deepen their analysis in their network operations.


To find out more about these new features make sure to check out Introducing New AIOps Enhancements on Prisma SD-WAN 5.5  or register now to watch the on-demand webcast for Prisma SD-WAN for AIOps Enhancements!


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