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Greetings programs,


Our good friend mlastella (Mike LaStella) has created a new article talking all about the brand new Case Management screen that will be appearing in the Customer Support Portal (CSP) starting on October 7th, 2017.


Inside the article, he goes into detail about all of the new options that are going to be present on the Case List Page.

Preview of the new Case Management screen.Preview of the new Case Management screen.

To get all of the details on what is coming, please visit:

How to Use the New Case List in Case Management


Lots of changes are in store for the way you interact with Customer Support. The new support home page, the way you create a web case (now with a Creation Wizard), and the inside dope on where the profile and logout functions went. Check out the following links to get all the info on the new changes that take effect on Saturday, October 7:


New Public-Facing Palo Alto Networks Support Home Page

How to Use the New Web-Based Case Creation Wizard!

Where did the Profile Functions and "Log Out" go in the CSP?

Support Portal User Documents


Thanks for reading, and as always, we welcome all feedback and comments below.


Stay Secure!

Joe Delio

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