New DNS Security Category: Phishing

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New DNS Security Category: PhishingNew DNS Security Category: Phishing

As part of the PAN-OS 10.0 release, Palo Alto Networks will be adding a new DNS Security category for phishing. 


ACTION:  There is no action required at this time. The phishing category will be set to “block” as a default action. 


What is Phishing?

Palo Alto Networks defines Phishing as seemingly reputable sites that harvest personal information from its users via phishing or pharming. 


Phishing remains one of the most popular means to steal a user's personal and financial information. Attackers steal information by tricking users into clicking a link which directs them to web pages that are designed to look like popular legitimate websites.


When will the Phishing Category be available in DNS Security?

The phishing category will be available as part of the upcoming PAN-OS 10.0 release. The default action will be set to 'Block' under the anti-spyware profile. On 9.0 and 9.1 releases, Phishing category support will not be available. For categories supported in those PAN-OS releases, please refer the following documentation on DNS Security.


DNS security will prevent access to known Phishing Fully Qualified Domain Names. For comprehensive coverage, we recommend our URL filtering service that looks into a complete URL for categorization.


Are there test domains for the new phishing category? 



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